How Aaron blogs:First, I get

How Aaron blogs:
First, I get the impulse to blog. Rarely do I actually have something about which I wish to write, so the next step is thinking of an idea I can blog. Either I come up with an idea, or I go through the drop-down list of other weblogs on the right and try to rip-off something they blogged. Usually, it's arcane enough so I don't get caught. Remember: Good artists copy, great artists steal. Then I bask in the emails: "Man Aaron, you are so awesome. Where do you FIND this stuff?"

Otherwise, if I actually have an idea, I'll write out a basic outline of my idea. Then, I'll interface the idea with Internet-generation weblogger subculture. That is, I'll surround the idea with cynicism and postmodernist irony. Finally, I ask myself, "Should anyone care to read this?" Usually, the answer is 'no' and I delete the weblog entry. But perhaps the question is invalid. People want quantity, not quality. People want something new, not timeless.

People, I'm defining in this case, are those with copious amounts of time and boredom who read everything some schmuck with a web site has to say. (If you're taking notes, the above sentence was a good weblog sentence because it defies any belief system through cynicism and postmodernist self-parody. But now I'll back-pedal so as not to alienate my audience.)

You, on the other hand, I hope are of the other type of people - those who do not tolerate the prolific diarrhea of many weblogs. Yes, we are the last bastion of intellectualism, the true and unrecognized intelligentsia who are rising above the stagnant and paralyzing ineptitude of society's masses. We are true to our lack of beliefs as we embrace paradox and contradiction. Contradiction is an affirmation of nihilism. We disguise our true intentions by blatantly proclaiming them with ironic sentiment (i.e. Glassdog - World Domination Headquarters).

We blog because we know all this, for it is intuitively obvious. And if it is not intuitively obvious, then you could not possibly understand it.

I blog because it's Monday, and there's nothing else to do.

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