Homestar Runner Overheard

Earlier today, while walking out of my Bioterrorism class, I heard some kids talking about Dr. Quintans, my kick-ass Bioterrorism prof. (An aside about Jose Quintans: He specializes in the plague. How cool is that? Also, he tends to answer obscure questions from students with terse, off-the-cuff comments such as "life is cheap". He's hilarious.)

So these kids are talking about Quintans and his thick accent.
"Blah blah blah Professor Quintans blah blah accent."
I paid little attention until,
"Blah blah Quintans blah sounds like Strong Bad."
Holy shit, he does sound like Strong Bad, of Homestar Runner fame. I eavesdropped more intently,
"Yeah, I want to raise my hand during lecture and ask he takes off his gloves and mask before going to bed."
The other kid replied, "Well that's a stupid question. Do you take off your hands and face before going to bed? And if so, are you some kind of robot?"

At this point, I turned around and said, "You're quoting Homestar Runner. On a scale of one to awesome, you guys are super great."

Then we all had a good chuckle and parted ways.

Oh, Quintans highly recommends the CDC Web site. He describes the site as "magnificant" and "beautiful" in its quantity of disease related information. One should "visit it every day".

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