Goings On

Last weekend my friends from League crashed at my apartment and played a show out in Wheaton. It was hella sweet. They met some pretty cool people at the show, and made some connections so that when they return to Chicago this summer, they’ll play a better venue, like the Vic, Metro, Empty Bottle or something.

Speaking of concerts, I saw The Postal Service at Abbey Pub Wednesday night. It was okay. Since the foundation of their songs is an electronic rhythm, they couldn’t really rock out like most live performances. Also, the visuals were weird. They had a LCD projector playing videos to accompany their songs. On all the songs except “The District Sleeps Alone Tonight” they had funky photographs distorted with digital effects. I would rather they just showed big iTunes visualizations or something. The visualizations were…lacking.

“District Sleeps” had a cool video though. It was a starfield (like the screensaver in Windows) with the lyrics of the song rotating in neon letters. Very hip.

And the stage theatrics of “Nothing Better” were good—that song rocks my socks, almost as much as James Dean.

Last night my cousin Travis and Aunt Linda were in Chicago. Travis is going to the Art Institute next year. They took me out to dinner downtown and we talked about how awesome Chicago is. Also, Travis might sublet Margaret’s room in the apartment (with E-Po and me) this summer. That would be excellent.

Oh, and I like this week’s Slashdot poll about voting.

All right kids, it’s the weekend.

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