I’ve been moving into the new apartment, which is looking hella tight. I still need to get a bed though. Hmm, let’s get on that Aaron. I got a Bluetooth adapter for my ‘puter, so when I get Internet there, I can post all the crazy-go-nuts pictures I take with my camera-phone.

I got a job yesterday, making my summer fiscally solvent. Yay, Web Services.

Last night Margaret had a wicked sweet time at 601AM/Gothamist party. Margaret described herself as “a nerd pig in nerd shit”. Doesn’t she look happy?

Speaking of Margaret, that reminds me of copyediting. There are posters all over campus advertising “Summer jobs for the environment”. Does the environment need a summer job? Let’s everybody help the environment find employment. No silly, they mean summer jobs helping the environment. So why not say that.

Tonight, Evelyn and I are going to get the new Harry Potter book.

I wish I were going to the WWDC next week.

Today I received an e-mail from an ex wanting to “hang out and do whatever”. That’s cool. But I don’t think she meant it that way.

Over and out.

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