Going the distance

Friday evening at a party, a girl named Lauren came up to me and introduced herself.
0ˆ6Are you Aaron?0ˆ7 she asked. 0ˆ6I know Todd. He showed me ktheory.0ˆ7

That0ˆ9s the first time somebody has recognized me in real life from my weblog. That0ˆ9s so awesome.

Today I went for a run along the lakeshore. Last weekend I tried to see how far I could run, and I was able to go from my apartment to Navy Pier (8.5 miles). I was too tired to run back, so I had to take the CTA. Today, I ran from my apartment to Soldier Field and back (10 miles). It was sunny outside, so now I0ˆ9m all sunburned.

The past week I0ˆ9ve been considering running the Chicago Marathon in October. To start training, I0ˆ9m running 30 miles a week. We0ˆ9ll see how long that lasts.

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