"Goddamn right, it's a beautiful day"

The weather in Chicago has been fantastic the past week, but that's not the only reason I'm in a good mood.

Today, I got my paper back for my Science, Culture, and Society in Western Civilization (SCS) class. The professor, Bob Richards, is the director of the History, Philosophy, and Social Studies in Science and Medicine (HiPSS) program. Since I want to double major in math and HiPSS, and since SCS class is the introductory sequence for the HiPSS program, it is important that I do well in SCS.

Anyway, I did very well on the paper. I certainly wasn't expecting to. Suffering from writer's block, I stayed up most of the night before it was due trying to articulate my ideas for the paper. I wrote most of it the morning of, the words coming more from the impending deadline that my own clarity of thought.

But, it turned out pretty clear, and had some good ideas. Actually, the paper is sort of a theme in my life. Since my junior year in high school, I wanted to write about the way in which science leads us to truth and knowledge. The first incarnation of this topic was my Theory of Knowledge paper. My SCS paper is the most current incarnation of this theme. You may read the paper here.

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