Go to google.com. Type in

Go to google.com. Type in "dumb motherfucker". Click "I'm Feeling Lucky" (to go the first search result). It will take you to The George W. Bush Store. (Note: this no longer works because Google re-indexed the page) There's a Wired article about it. They explain that it's not a "easter egg" put in to google's software by an errant programmer, but rather an obscure fluke in google's site ranking system. It just happens to be extremely ironic. I love this line in the article:
"But in the end, what's most fun about such errors isn't the technical snafu, but the fact that somehow, for some people, they seem to reveal a truth about society, the God in the machine. "
Dub-yah's going to have a lot of egg on his face in the next four years.

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