Go me.

Dudes, I nailed my math midterm. Holy crap, algebra is my bitch.

The stumper question was, “If a is an element of the algebraic closure of Z5 and also a primitive cubic root of Z5, what is the degree of a over Z5?

The answer is 2. How do you like them apples?

In other news…

A Little League mom flips out and tells her son to beat up another kid rooting against their team. According to the mother of the (alleged) victim,

“She started swearing at (her son), telling him to beat (the alleged victim) up,” he said. “... (He) started punching him and she started saying, “Kick his (expletive)! Kick his (expletive)!”

Expletives and names that can’t be released because they’re minors make for a great press release.

Now pick a number between 1 and 10. Chances are you picked 2. Or 7. See the breakdown of favorite numbers between 1 and 10. (Via Leuschke)

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