Geez! I got all frantic

Geez! I got all frantic about my IB scores, and finally shuffled through the foot of papers on my desk to find my "secret access code thing". I found it, hysterically type in my ID number and whatnot, click the 'submit' button about 50 times, only to realize that the scores won't be publishes until 16:30 GMT (that's 12:30 PM EST, folks).

You'd think these people would have some regard to the feelings of others! If they say the scores are going to be published July 8, do it at 12:00 AM GMT - that makes sense for an International organization. Instead, they make the times all California-centric, publishing them early in the morning on the west coast. Do they realize that for people in Japan, 16:30 GMT is 4:30 in the bloody morning on July 9?
I'm sure they do realize it actually. I'll calm down, use fewer exclamation points, and wait patiently, with a browser window opened at International Baccalaureate Results Service, until 11:30...

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