Fun with Babelfish On a

Fun with Babelfish

On a whim, I ran my previous "What if" entry through Altavista's Babelfish translation tool. I translated the text from English to French, back to English, then to German, back to English, then to Spanish, and finally back to English. The result is as follows:

Which if.

I thought about the Internet age of the ascent and about ' in the information ' today, and the thought came to me: What, if we controlled at the beginning of an important progress in human history? Place before itself, when the civilizations of praehistorische began the first time to use the language like means of the communication whereas the complica language obtains next and it becomes, emerges description for above, the comfortable means of how/as, the use of the language, around the "Printing" of Guttenberg in a rapidity indicates that it is another general progress in the diffusion (atomizaton) the information. Interestingly, all these methods of the transference - it writes the speech, and the printing - is you always everything in the service today. Which, if there our totalmutual network a its new form of the transference - the very fast transference without material in planets causes. In the future we could even reach shavings of the cable fabric.

Naturally with him I introduce myself that the humanity in the edge is something, again a ridiculous end, because we modified ourselves constantly, and the a we therefore in the edge somewhat repeated times.

Talk about losing something in the translation...

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