For Mike

I have neglected to post links to the weblogs of two Mikes.

Mike M. is an old friend from Binghamton. Now's he's a sophemore poli sci/econ major at Rochester. One time, we were playing Scrabble. Someone put down the word "two", and Mike yells out, "Twoah? Twoah's not a word. I'll challenge that." He was completely serious. It was probably the funniest thing ever.*

Mike R. and I went to the Kentucky Derby last year. He's roommates with Ray. He says I need more pictures on my weblog, and I agree. Good thing Margaret just got a sweet little digital camera.

*No, the funniest thing ever was brainstorming how to make the most offensive Odyssey of the Mind skit at Denny's. But "Twoah" comes close.

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