Fear and Hope

This is a partially composed entry from one year ago today. I didn't post it at the time because I was too shocked and confused to feel that my thoughts were coherent or interesting enough to post. Apparently, I e-mailed it to myself to keep a copy of the partial draft. I re-discovered it today browsing my e-mail archives from 9/11/01.

This morning, I was eating breakfast and watching a movie on HBO when my father called from work, saying there were rumors that a plane had crashed into the World Trade Center. I switched to a network station, and watched as the horrific events of the day unfolded. By noon, both of the World Trade Towers had collapsed, the Pentagon was burning, and the most powerful nation in the world was in fear. It seems very probable that the attack was orchestrated by a radical Islamic organization, similar to the group who bombed the World Trade Center in 1993. I again stress 'radical' so as not to libel over a billion peaceful Muslims.

Watching the broadcasts, I soon realized how much I appreciated the United States. Despite our social shortcomings0ˆ5commercialism, inequality, cultural shallowness, and the occasional infringement of civil liberties0ˆ5I like the United States. A lot. No way was I going to allow a few zealots with pocket knifes take away my way of life.

Throughout the morning, as the latest news reports came in, I thought about how this was going to affect me. I called David, at NYU, but I could only leave a message on his cell phone (later, I got through to him, and he0ˆ9s fine). There would be a dip in the stock market, and disaster relief and cleanup would cost billions. Both the American economy could easily bear...

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