Exquisite Corpse

Le cadavre/exquise/boira/le vin/nouveau
(The exquisite corpse will drink the young wine)

An exquisite corpse is a game made famous the surrealists. The first person in the group would write a phrase on a sheet of paper, then fold the paper so that only the final part of the phrase remained. The second person would then continue that phrase, not fully knowing what preceded it, then fold the paper and pass it to the third person, and so on. The surrealists made exquisite corpses from drawings rather than words, some of which are at the Art Institute of Chicago.

The internet extends the opportunities for such random artistic collaboration. A Google search yields the following:

an.exquisite.corpse High-quality Photoshop corpses. Well-designed site.
Exquisite Corpse Some weird literary 0ˆ8zine.
The Exquisite Corpse Façade Post contributions to written corpses.

Also, I stumbled across What Do I Know as a recently update Moveable Type blog, and I like it.

Super-secret: I'm redesigning ktheory. It may soon look like this.

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