Evening recap

I suggested to some friends that the verb 'to poop' be used primarily as a reflexive verb. So, instead of "taking a poop", you "poop yourself". Instead of saying, "I have to go poop," you say, "I have to poop myself." This is funny because it raises the possibility of pooping other things. E.g., "I pooped my dog," would be equivalent to saying, "I took the dog to go poop." Brevity is key.

In case you think there would be confusion between the reflexive first person and involuntary defecation (as in, "I laughed so hard I pooped myself"), think again. You could simply say, "I pooped my pants" or "I pooped myself involuntarily" or "I lost control of my poop chute" or "I have problems with my crapper."

All right, that's enough perverted Google hits for one post. Moving on. Jon Quinn has a fantastic weblog. Read it.

I'm glad Julia won on AI. I voted for her. When asked what talents she has, she said, "cosmetologist." Can't beat that with a stick. Charles won too, so he can sit on his throne/as the prince of Bel Air. That was a shocker.

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