Essential software

Following Mark Pilgrim's meme...

My computer usage is somewhat unusual. I have a Linux workstation for my job, an Apple Powerbook for remote productivity ('remote' usually being my couch, a coffeeshop, or a meeting room), and a Windows desktop for videogames. To keep my digital stuff synchronized across my three different computers (and OSes), I'm prejudiced towards using web apps over desktop apps.

Web/OS-agnostic apps

Linux workstation

  • RedHat Enterprise Linux (Cornell has a site license, so it was "free". If not for that probably debian or Ubuntu)
  • Cyrus-imap for my mail server: keeps all my work email and a backup of my personal email
  • Emacs for programming/development
  • Bash, and a ton of aliases and shell scripts to save my fingers undue wear and tear


  • iTunes + iPod Nano (yay for NPR podcasts)
  • iChat
  • TextMate

Windows Desktop

  • BitTorrent (for downloading, um, linux distros?)
  • World of Warcraft Kicked the habit. No more skipping social events to wipe on C'Thun
  • SimCity 4
  • The Sims 2
  • Second Life
  • Call of Duty 2
  • FarCry
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