Drum roll please Last week

Drum roll please

Last week I sent in my deposit to the University of Chicago. I am incredibly excited about going there. I feel so lucky that the school I loved also gave me the best financial aid package. It's also so comforting to have finally made the decision and stop worrying about colleges. Ahhh.

Additionally, Saturday night I interviewed for a summer internship with href="http://about.com">About.com. From now until the first of June I will be volunteering so that the level of commitment increases gradually and my 'guide' and I get to know each other better before entering into a contract. I'm excited about it.

Here's the story of how I got the internship:

It so happened that my friends and I were hanging out in the local coffee shop,
talking about bisexuality. I made some comment about doubling one's
chances of 'getting play' which cracked up the woman sitting next to us.
We start talking, I find out she works for About.com, and I give her my
URL. She likes my site, badabing, badaboom, she offers me an internship.

So, check out the href="http://talkshows.about.com/entertainment/talkshows/">Talk Shows
homepage (that is where I work), click some links there too, because that is how
we make money.

Lots of other stuff is going on my life too. Adele is still choosing
between NYU and Northwestern. It is difficult for me to allow her to decide
objectively, when I want her to be in Chicago. She will make a good
decision though.

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