Do not make out in the computer lab

Right now there is a gay couple sitting across from me in the computer lab. They seem to be researching something on the internet, but they keep making out every minute or so. They0ˆ9ll just look at each other, and start kissing. Both of them have tongue piercings, so they make metal clicking and saliva noises. It is incredibly annoying.

Do they think that0ˆ9s appropriate!? Who makes out in a computer lab? I want to tell them how inappropriate it is to lick each other0ˆ9s mouths in a computer lab where most people are working. But then they0ˆ9d probably think I0ˆ9m anti-gay or something. In fact, I0ˆ9m anti-sex-in-public. I suppose it0ˆ9d be just as unnerving to see a hetero couple making out in a computer lab, but, well, I never have.

Way to go guys, sign me up for the next gay pride parade.

Ok, that last comment may have been over the line. I shouldn0ˆ9t generalize about all gay people because of one couple. But why does this couple keep making out like they have something to prove?

Oh well. They left. I only got to tell them off in my head.

Also, I'm especially irritable because I have a bad cold. Having a cold is
not good, and makes me more likely to get pissed off by other peoples

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