Digital Versus Material: A Contradiction in my Life

The style of this web site contradicts the rest of my life. This web site is clean, simple, and elegant. Each detail is intended to support the larger whole of ktheory. It is organized. My bedroom, in contrast, is quite messy. I have boxes laying around from online purchases I made a month ago. Piles of clothes, both clean and dirty, carpet the floor. My notebooks from class are similiary messy and disorganized.

But my computer is an oasis of order in a chaotic bedroom. I format my primary hard drive at least twice a year. I have several rules for sorting my email. My data is backed up and defragmented. My computer is highly configured my maximum usability0ˆ5no stray desktop or system tray icons.

In the digital world, my life is highly ordered, but in the material world, my life is disorganized. I don0ˆ9t think I0ˆ9m unique. People as geeky as myself have similarly messy rooms but pristine computers. I wonder if neat people allow their computers to become cluttered.

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