Derby pics

A few weeks ago, I told you about my adventures at the Kentucky Derby. Here are the pictures (in pop-up windows):
Updated June 1 with more hi-res pictures

One, the paddock, where you can see the horses and the jockeys before the race.

Two, a horse being taken through the paddock.

Three, Mike Rosenberg (left) and I smoke cigars on the infield and discuss business plans for a cross-platform video game console.

Four, more of Mike and me in the infield.

Five, Mike enjoys a hotdog.

Six, young men like to drink and stand on the edge of balconies.

Seven, more rich southerners in the stands.

Eight, me pondering the bottom of yet another Mint Julep [that I'm holding for someone else]. Could it really be gone already?

Nine, two rich fat white guys, a powerful southern image. (see Mike's future site,

Ten, a guy with a box on his head. You can't see it, but on the other side of the box are kiss-shaped lipstick smears.

Eleven, me smoking a cigarette. Note the way I hold it. I obviously don't have a smoking habit.

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