Degrees of SeparationHi, from State

Degrees of Separation
Hi, from State College, PA. I'm having a fun time with Elisha and her boyfriend, Adam. Adam and I have one degree of separation because we both know Elisha. We also are connected by two degrees of separation by two other paths.
Adam met Jesse Struck, a Northwesten student, at a music camp in high school. Jesse lived in the same hall as Adele, my ex-girlfriend, at Northwestern. Also, Jesse had my mother, Tracy Suggs, as his chemistry teacher in high school. Another coinidence is that Thursday, the day before I met Elisha and Adam in person, I saw Jesse at a jazz show in a local coffee shop.
Here are the different paths of how Adam and I relate to each other.
And, now that I've met Adam,

You may now consider your day enriched. On another note, Elisha has an awesome CD collection.

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