Currently, orange is the stylish

Currently, orange is the stylish color for web pages. But orange is past its prime. It's on the decline. Green is the new hip color, e.g. marchFIRST. You might think that marchFIRST is a bad example because they just filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. But you would be wrong. They are a perfect example because they put too much effort into posing as the Next Big Thing that they neglected the mundane details of running a business.

Red is so six months ago. Just because I use red in my design doesn't mean I'm out of style. It means that I'm retro. I'm kickin' it old-skool. I'm the kid who liked 80's music before it was cool to like 80's music again. I still like early 90's music, even though it's not cool to like that now. You think I'm Blanche DuBois, but I'm really Marlon Brando. I mean, Stanley.

You ain't got nothing on me.

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