Correlation does equal causation I

Correlation does equal causation

I was about to upload the new site, but as I was checking for any broken links in dreamweaver, I accidentally deleted the entire "about me" directory. But now I'm whipping it up from memory as best I can.

Last summer, our church adopted a Russian refugee family, and recently at the annual meeting, the grandmother cried and said how helpful we had been to her and how in Russia people were not very helpful at all. My dad said,

"I wonder which came first: people not helping each other, or Russia having so many social and political problems." To which I replied,

"Correlation does not equal causation." I said this because my default response to most statements is to disagree.


"Oh, so you want to solve this like real men?" I shifted behind him, got him in a full Nelson, and wrestled him to the floor. But he grabbed my leg, flipped me, and got me in a sleeper hold. Then he let go and said,

"That's right."

"Well, I guess correlation does equal causation." I just let him win because it was his birthday, but don't tell him I said so.

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