Conversing with nine-year-olds

Some of my most informative conversations have been with young children. For example, take the following instant message exchange with Margaret's nine-year-old brother Tony. It's important to keep in mind that Tony doesn't know how to type. He searches the keyboard for each letter, pecking it with his index finger. His 'search and peck' method produces about 10 letters/minute.

Tony: yo

ktheory8: hey tony.

ktheory8: I'm at work right now.

Tony: ok

ktheory8: How's school?

Tony: good

ktheory8: Have you been playing a lot of Gamecube?

Tony: yes

Tony: hold on

ktheory8: ok

Tony: by

ktheory8: adios.

Tony: by

ktheory8: catch you later tony.

Tony: by

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