College is such an amazing

College is such an amazing experience. This is the first week of classes, and they seem to be going very well. I'm taking Honors Calculus, Physics, Classics of Social and Political Thought, and Media Aesthetics. I haven't done math homework in the past 7 years, and now all of a sudden I'm spending three hours doing one homework problem. But the hardest part about Honors Calculus is mentally justifying staying in the class. My other classes haven't really started piling on the work yet - just a few readings.

I've met so many cool people in my dorm, and everyone is getting along well.

Today I played rugby for the first time in my life, which was borderline idiocy. Of course, the experience of a scrum - grabbing the butt of the guy next to you, sticking your head between the butts of the two guys in front of you, and trying to run forward - is quite a memorable experience, not only for the headache, but for the smell too.

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