College Here is the scoop:


Here is the scoop:

I have been accepted at the following colleges: University of Chicago,
University of Rochester, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and
Purdue. I am still waiting to find out from Princeton (I should find out
Saturday or Monday). MIT is the only school that has rejected me so far,
but it was not a big shock. I am very glad that I applied to University of
Chicago early action because it has given me such peace of mind about my future
plans. U of C is currently my favorite school, but if I get in to
Princeton, who knows. I like U of C because it would be feasible for me to
double major in economics and computer science. Regarding Princeton, I figure if
I get in it is great, otherwise it is life as normal, so I am not too worried
about getting in there. But personally, I would give myself about a 30%
chance with Princeton.

So far, U of Rochester has given me the best financial aid package though, so
that is a serious contender.

Adele could not be doing any better in her college plans - so has been accepted
at all 6 schools that she has heard from so far, including U of Rochester and
Northwestern. She will hear from Columbia and Yale on Saturday or Monday also.

Tomorrow I leave to do a week of college visits at U of I, Purdue, and U of
C. I hope I still think U of C is as great as I thought it was when I
visited over the summer.

I am proud of myself for having worked hard enough in high school to have the
chance of attending such reputable colleges. I am certainly not the most
industrious person you will come across, and I have spent many hours wondering
if school is worth the work I have put into it. I slacked off some, I had
fun, but I did work too, and in retrospect I am extraordinarily glad for that.

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