Bob Salerno and the Waxwings

This is a totally hilarious letter written by indie record label manager Bob Salerno (of Chicago-based Bobsled Records) to his band, The Waxwings, after their disasterous record release show.

Highlights include:
"You play to ONLY 300 people at your home town RECORD RELEASE show and 80% of them were at the bar in the back by the end of your set, if in the building at all! AND this is ALSO the VERY FIRST DAY any of your family, friends and fans can see your record . . . and you ONLY SELL 30 COPIES????!!!!!!!!! What the fuck is that!!!!"

"Mick Jagger wouldn't be hangin' out in the club before HIS RECORD RELEASE show!
Make a fuckin' statement!!! Your faces should not have been seen for ONE SECOND before you took that stage! Do you think the Rolling Stones would be walkin' around minglin' in the crowd before their RECORD RELEASE show?? Do you think Jack White would be caught dead in the crowd before he takes the stage?? Bush leagues!!! Dean, you're just fuckin' hangin' out by the fuckin' entrance before the show, AND SOMETIMES ALONE! PATHETIC!!!"

The Chicago Reader confirmed the authenticity of the letter with Salerno.

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