Big Cities

My favorite reason for living in a big city is seeing aspects of your real life in popular culture mass media. ER is one of my favorite TV shows, and one of the reasons I like it is because it has so many Chicago references. On a re-run I just watched, apartment tenants were rioting against their slum landlord on 38th Street and Drexel Avenue. I live on Drexel--albeit 18 blocks south on 56th Street.

Drexel love, yo.

I also notice mistakes in ER. In the aforementioned episode, victims on 38th and Drexel would probably be taken to U of C Hospital (on 58th and Drexel), which is 20 blocks closer than CCH (Cook County Hospital, where ER is set). In another episode, Dr. Green was suppose to run from CCH to Union Station. The director choose to show Dr. Green running past Chicago landmarks, such as Michigan Ave. and Grant Park, which are totally out of the way.

I notice and comment on these mistakes because I'm a dork.

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