Attempt to cover ass exposes more ass

October report said defeated Hussein would be a greater threat:

“Declassified portions of a still-secret National Intelligence Estimate (NEI) released Friday by the White House show that at the time of the president’s speech the U.S. intelligence community judged that possibility [that Hussein assist al Qaeda] to be unlikely. In fact, the NIE, which began circulating Oct. 2, shows the intelligence services were much more worried that Hussein might give weapons to al Qaeda terrorists if he were facing death or capture and his government was collapsing after a military attack by the United States.

“The declassified sections of the NIE were offered by the White House to rebut allegations that the administration had twisted prewar intelligence on Iraq’s nuclear weapons program. The result, however, could be to raise more questions about whether the administration misrepresented the judgments of the intelligence services on another basis for going to war: the threat posed by Hussein as a source of weapons for terrorists.”

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