Ari Fleischer laughed off stage by press corps

BuzzFlash is reporting that White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer was laughed off the stage while he denied claims that the Bush administration has sought to buy the votes of UN Security Council members.

“A reporter asked about a French report that says Bush is offering a bundle of concessions (and I think she actually said ‘buying votes’) to Mexico and Colombia, granting worker amnesty and so on. Ari tap-danced. Then she (the reporter) started to press the issue by saying “they (the French) are quoting two US State Dept. Diplomats that Bush intends to give work permits to Colombia and Mexico…

Ari just drew himself up with imperious indignation and said something like “you’re implying that the President is buying the votes of other nations and that’s just not a consideration” or words to that effect…

The whole press corps, normally sheep, broke out in laughter… sweet, derisive laughter.”

C-SPAN broadcast the incident live, and has a video online (Real Player req). Skip ahead 28:00 minutes for context, or 30:30 to see Ari get laughed off the stage.

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