Animated shout-out

According to my sister, the cartoon Kim Possible made two references to the University of Chicago in last night0ˆ9s episode, "Pain King vs. Cleopatra". In the episode, a talisman is stolen from a museum, and the history of the talisman is somehow tied to the U of C. Yea school spirit! Kim and Ron (Stoppable) return the talisman within 30 minutes, minus some commercial breaks.

I0ˆ9m a fan of Kim Possible because Christy Romano does Kim0ˆ9s voice. Kim0ˆ9s sidekick is Ron Stoppable, who has about the coolest name ever. Christy Romano also plays Ren Stevens on my favorite sitcom, Even Stevens. (She0ˆ9s even hotter than Lizzie McGuire, but her pictures on IMDB are bad. See Christy Romano Online.) People are initially surprised make fun of me for watching the Disney channel, but Even Stevens is incredibly funny. Seriously, my entire family and most of my friends watch Even Stevens regularly. I guess their surprise is understandable since the remaining majority of my television viewing time is either CNN or The History Channel, and occasionally Law & Order and Six Feet Under. Oh, and I0ˆ9ll watch The Shield, The West Wing and ER when those seasons start.

But my television viewing habits really aren0ˆ9t that interesting.

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