An updateIn response to the

An update
In response to the hundreds of nagging emails regarding the spring break photos I promised to put on the site:
I'm working on it. Actually, I haven't worked on it at all, but I plan to.
Also, TWA still hasn't found my luggage from spring break. I spent four days listening to their promises and assurances that my luggage was certainly on the next flight, and would be delivered to me. When that failed, they mailed me forms to fill out listing the contents of the bag and the price of each item. For travelers who aren't privy to the joys of dealing with airlines, here's the procedure for lost luggage:
After sending in the list, I get to wait a month for them to look for the suitcase in the national TWA warehouse for lost luggage, which is endowed with a apathetic and patronizing staff. Then, if the luggage isn't found, I get to wait another month for corporate TWA to write me a check for my lost luggage. Corporate TWA people are not apathetic and patronizing like the staff at the warehouse. They are clearly trained in dealing politely with customers. Instead, they are inept and unresponsive.
In exchange for losing all my spring clothes, they gave me a voucher (which actually is for involuntarily bumping me from the flight) and a coupon for $25 off my next ticket purchase (which is only good if I buy the ticket at full retail price).
Thanks, bastards.

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