An Afterthought My philosophy regarding

An Afterthought

My philosophy regarding this web site is changing. I value having my own
domain (that is a double entendre) more than I originally did nine months
ago. The 'lack-of-content problem' that has plagued my site for years, I
feel, is being resolved as I put more effort into writing in my journal, and my
web log - connections. The web log
is, by the way, a point of internal conflict: its fun to maintain, but it
is so clearly a fad that will pass in a few months that I disgust myself in
participating. Web logs are fake content. They are not even
beneficial, as portals are, which lack content of their own but are valuable in
that they efficiently aggregate real content. This journal is my real
content - a niche appeal, admittedly - but still content. It has been
months since I have looked at a hit counter for It really
does not interest me. As I have said before, this site is primarily for my
personal expression. My motivation for utilizing this medium comes from
the mere prospect of reaching millions of people, even though reality is far
from that.

<!--meta-comment: If you bother to look at the times appended to the end of
each entry, you may notice that this entry comes shortly after my previous
one. In fact, I have been sitting at the computer the entire time, and
this entry came as an afterthought to the previous one, though they regard
totally different subjects.-->

One love.

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