American Idol blows goats*

Frenchie Davis ousted from American IdolFrenchie Davis, my favorite American Idol finalist, was removed from the competition because she posed naked for a Web site four years ago. On the official contestants page, there's just a blank box where Frenchie should be. According to an interview with The Smoking Gun, Frenchie posed topless on the Web site "Daddy's Little Girls" to earn money to re-enroll in college.

Many accuse Fox television network of having a double standard, discriminating against Frenchie because she's overweight. On Fox's Joe Millionaire, Evan Marriott was an underwear model and finalist Sarah Kozer starred in fetish and bondage films. Update: The decision to oust Frenchie wasn't entirely up to the Fox network. The show's producers and 19 Recordings Limited (no Web site), Simon Fuller's record company that would oversee the Idol's career, had a say in the matter. According to USA Today, 19 Entertainment will "endeavor to do all in its power to help Frenchie further her music career." (Thanks E-Po)

This sucks. Bring Frenchie back. Sign the petition.

*"Blows goats" is a figure of speech not meant to be taken literally, lest some media company hound my ass for libel.

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