Aaron's amazing speed-reading plan

First, some links:

Foreigners visiting the Gaza Strip are now required to sign a waiver absolving Israeli forces from responsibility if they shoot them. (TMN)

JFK had a sexual affair with a teenage intern.

Saffire has an Op-Ed about Jayson Blair, the deceitful NY Times journalist.

This post on Ben's blog still cracks me up.

Ok, I have to read the entire book Medieval Technology and Social Change for my Technology and Environment class tomorrow. I love the class, but I don’t like the book.

The solution? An hour-and-a-half quota on the time spent reading the book. I will read 2 pages per minute. Every ten minutes, I’ll check my progress. Since I will inevitably be behind schedule, I’ll skip the required number of pages to stay on track.

Starting now. Update: Or I'll just skim the entire book in 20 minutes.

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