Aaron's Acquisitions

Two days ago, I went all the way to Lincoln Park to go to Bed Bath and Beyond to find apartment furnishings, since the apartment is all but barren. I had 1.0 Craploads of stuff to carry back on the El train. So I figured, fuck it, I0ˆ9ll order it online.

Lest my jaunt uptown be for naught, I stopped at some records stores on the way home. My primary objective was to purchase Saul William0ˆ9s Amethyst Rockstar on compact disc. I0ˆ9ve been listening to a burned copy of this album for over a year. It0ˆ9s definitely the best rap/hip-hop CD I0ˆ9ve heard, and one of my top ten albums of all time. Saul Williams made a name for himself performing slam poetry in New York City, and in 1998 starred in the movie Slam. Amethyst Rockstar hasn0ˆ9t met with much critical acclaim (it has yet to sell 100,000 copies, and AMG only gave it one star). But, I think his lyrics are brilliant. At least his book is doing better.

Anyway, I could only find Amethyst Rockstar for $19, which is a little steep. So instead I bought The Clash (US version), by The Clash, and the new Sleater Kinney release, One Beat. The Sleater Kinney was definitely an impulse buy. It0ˆ9s catchy and it was cheap, but having it makes me feel like an emo girl. Hmm.

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