Aaron recognizes people whose name he doesn’t know

Twice in the past week I’ve been surfing sites that seemingly have nothing to do with the University of Chicago, and I’ve come across pictures of U of C students. The first was via Jesica Davis, who posted some pictures on Gapers’ Block. On Jesica’s site, I found a picture of this kid from my Cultural Evolution class.

Just now, I was browsing the Heaven Gallery site, linked via TMN and apparently located in Chicago. On their site, I recognized this girl from my Media Aesthetics class (I think the guy is a U of C student too).

Just the other day Margaret, Evelyn, and I were talking about the chances of running into people we know, say, in Chicago’s Loop or on Michigan Avenue. Every time we go downtown, we see two or three U of C students, on average. Is seeing them on a Web site that has nothing to do with the University a shocking coincidence, or does this happen to people all the time? I’d bet it has become much more common recently because more people are putting more photos on the Web.

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