Aaron goes to De Kalb, IL

My favorite social experiences of college are the spontaneous trips. Last year, it was the Kentucky Derby (pictures). Last night, it was the Counting Crows.

I was walking across campus yesterday afternoon when my friend Kat and her friend Rachel came up to me.
"Aaron, in 30 minutes we0ˆ9re leaving for Northern Illinois University to see the Counting Crows. We have an extra ticket. Wanna come?"
Unbeknownst to them, I'm a Counting Crows fan.
"Why not," I said, "I don't have any other plans."*

So, I jumped in their car, along with Ben and Anja (whom I didn't know), and drove to De Kalb.

The concert was pretty sweet. Adam Duritz's histrionics were especially good; holding his hands up as if catching rain during "Rain King", sitting on a monitor gazing at the star-like effect of a disco ball during other songs. He acted out the lyrics to each song, which I found to be very engaging.

And they played "Anna Begins", which made my week.

Afterwards, we went to Clarke's in Belmont. I made three new friends. Cool.

* I lied. Dele was going to cook something good. Sorry for breaking plans Dele.

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