Aaron gets published!Better than a

Aaron gets published!
Better than a stiff wind is my review of the Guster concert last Friday at Chicago's Riviera Theatre. (Don't click that link until you've read my disclaimer.) It's the first article I've written for the Chicago Maroon newspaper (note: I am the Online Editor for the Chicago Maroon). It also marks my addition to staff of Voices, the arts & entertainment section of the newspaper. I'd like to say point out that many writers are not invited to Voices Staff, especially after only one article, so I'm flattered that Voices Editor Pete Beatty considered me worthy of his tutelage and mentorship.

Enough lip service.

Disclaimer: the article linked above is not intended for the young, old, or faint of heart. There are many things mentioned or alluded to in this article about which you may not want to read, including swears, drugs, and sex.

Addenda and Clarifications regarding the article: so as to prevent any misinterpretation, but which couldn't be incorporated into the article itself due to editorial judgment, lack of time, or lack of motivation.
Paragraph 1: Please pardon swears as terms of exuberant slang.
Paragraph 2: I didn't really get beer. I didn't drink or smoke the whole night. However, many people did get beer while Joe was playing.
Paragraph 4: I did not smoke any substance at the concert first hand, regardless of what this paragraph might imply.
Paragraph 5: I have nothing personal against Northwestern students or Abercrombie & Fitch models. I do not condone sexual promiscuity.
Paragraph 6: I have nothing personal against people who buy hats with the brim already frayed.
Paragraph 7: Concerts may or may not be a substitute for sex. There really was an attractive girl standing next to me, and she really did ask me what song I thought Guster would open with. I really did say "Great Escape", but this was the second song Guster played. She impressed that I sort of predicted the song, but she did not come on to me after that.
Paragraph 9: Pirating mp3's is not at all morally ambiguous.

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