A List of Compact Discs in the USITE Lost and Found

My job on campus is to sit at the front desk in the various computer labs, collectively called USITE. USITE is an acronym for User SITE. I don0ˆ9t know who came up with that. Anyway, people often leave personal CDs in the CD-ROM drives. When we (USITE Computing Assistants, that0ˆ9s our title) discover them, we put them in the Lost and Found. Here is a list of CDs currently in the Lost and Found. (An asterisk denotes a burnt disc)

Buggy OS X installer*
Origin Evaluation Copy*
The Miseducation of Lauren Hill
MB-[Arabic letters]*
PriceWaterHouseCoopers Value Reporting Forecast: 2001
USDA Forest Service Roadless Area Conservation: Final Environmental Impact Statement Summary, and Volumes 1, 2, 3, and 4
Catey Leis 11/12/01*
Ani Difranco Living in Clip
Introduction to the Practice of Statistics 3.0
Dandy Warhols Come Down*
[symbols, possibly Sanskrit]*
Knife In The Water Crosspross Bells
[blank disc]*
DJ Doc [Korean symbols]
Classical 1*
River City Rebels Playin0ˆ9 to Live, Livin0ˆ9 to Play Promo
Buggy OS X installer dupe*
[blank disc]*
Physical Chemistry Second Edition
Classical 2*
[blank disc]*
Astronomy Today Third Edition
[blank disc]*

I hope that was enlightening.

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