A houseplant by any other name

Yesterday I bought a plant. More precisely, it's two plants in one pot. One plant has tall, narrow stripy leaves; and the other has broad, solid leaves. Since both plants are in the same pot, it is convenient to write about them in the singular.

I am responsible for watering this plant once a week and keeping it in indirect sunlight. Or else it may die. I, to a large extent, control the fate of this plant0‡7muhahahaha.

Anyway, this plant needs a name. Being a dork, I was thinking of naming it after some mathematician (Pythagoras, Euclid, Fibonacci, Leibniz, etc) or ancient Greek natural philosopher (Thales, Anaximander, Xeno, Socrates, Aristotle, etc). J. suggested ironically common names, such as Doug or Bill.

Sorry females, girl's names are out of the question. It's a manly plant.

Here's the idea: leave a comment with your suggestion of my plant0ˆ9s name(s)*. Then later, I0ˆ9ll post a picture of my plant with its new name.

*If I (or collectively you) can0ˆ9t decide on a single name, I0ˆ9ll name each plant separately.

Update 10/2/02:
I've decided on names.

I'm going to name both the plants Bob. I will refer to them collectively as 'the Bobs', as in, "I'm going to go water the Bobs." (It's an Office Space reference.)

Once I convince a friend with a digital camera to photograph the Bobs I'll put a picture up.

I plan to buy another plant just so I can name it Hobbes. Then I can refer to all my plants as "the Bobs 'n' Hobbes", which sounds funny because it rhymes. :-)

Thanks for your suggestions everyone!

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