A few weeks ago, I

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that I my future dream job is at Zero-Knowledge. Well, now I can also add Razorfish to that list.

Actually, my friend Dave, who is going to the Stern School of Business at NYU, told me that he wanted to learn Chinese, because he felt that China would be the most economically important nation for the next century (besides the US, of course). I was impressed with the foresight of his decision to learn Chinese.
So rather than just focus on crypto and web design firms (like Zero-Knowledge and Razorfish), I decided to try to think more long term.
I recently read in Wired magazine and article by Bill Joy, Chief Scientist of Sun Microsystems, title Why the Future Doesn't Need Us. (As an aside, this was an incredible article, which I highly recommend you read. Joy considers the future of humanity with regard to advancing technology and Darwinian evolution.) The article focused on robotics, genetics, and nanotechnology as the hot and sexy technologies for the next century. Surely, I would love to spend my life working with one or more of these technologies. When I specifically mention Zero-Knowledge and Razorfish, I mention them because they are on the bleeding edge of where technology is taking society today(or where society takes technology? hmm... a ponderable). But thinking in more general terms that can be applied 4 to 10 years from now when I finish my education, I want to be in the front line - a leader for new technologies of the next century. My primary goal is not building an empire, but changing society.
Hubris is my middle name.

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